Academic Standards and Graduation Requirements



Letter Grade                                  Numerical Value                            Quality Points

A                                                             90-100                                                   4

B                                                             80-89                                                     3

C                                                             70-79                                                     2

D                                                             60-69                                                     1

F                                                              0-59                                                      0

I                                                               Incomplete

WP                                                         Withdraw Passing

WF                                                         Withdraw Failing

W                                                            Withdrew

P                                                             Pass


If any student needs/desires to withdraw from his/her program he or she will need to contact the school and make such a request.  The student will receive the corresponding ‘W’ for withdrawal.  Further, the student will not be permitted to complete the course during that academic school semester and when re-applying for reinstatement the student will be charged a re-activation fee of $25.00.  After that the student will be permitted to complete the course.

If the student receives an “I” Incomplete in any course the student has the opportunity to make arrangements with the college or seminary for the necessary make-up work in order to receive a grade within the academic semester the student is registered.  As noted above the course will need to be repeated.


A single transcript for each program completed is provided with the student’s diploma or degree from the Office of the Registrar.  Additional transcripts will be issued at the cost of $10.00 per transcript.  The student must send written requests for transcripts.  Emails are acceptable, but telephone solicitations for transcripts will not be accepted.

Graduation Requirements

The following requirements apply to all students expecting to receive any diploma or degree from Grace.

  • All student fees, tuition, and monies owed to the college, seminary and bookstore must be paid in full prior to receiving the degree.
  • All course work must be completed with passing grades.
  • Students must maintain the following GPA in accordance with the program in which they are enrolled: Undergraduate – 2.0/ Master’s level – 2.5/ Doctoral level – 3.0.
  • The student must possess qualities of character and conduct, which will make him or her effective for Christian service.
  • During the final semester, students must file an ‘Application for Graduation’ form. All course work must be completed and in the office by May 1st.  All tuition and fees must be paid by May 1st.

Application for Graduation


You must send this application to the school whether you come to graduation ceremonies or not.

For the student to receive his or her diploma or degree, this application must be in the office no later than:         April 1st for the June graduation.

This is a must!  Do not lay this to one side!  Failure to comply with the date given above will result in your having to wait until the next graduation date.  This is very important.

When the student has completed his or her program of study required by Grace to receive a diploma or degree, the student is to submit this application as required to the college or seminary office, requesting that the degree be issued.  Normally, all diplomas are issued during the spring graduation.  However, students who find that they are unable to attend graduation exercise may receive their diploma or degree by mail.  The college and seminary strongly recommend that the student attend graduation exercise in June.

Name:                                                                                                                                                  ______


City                                                                        State/Prov.                                         Zip/PC   ______

Degree to be awarded:                                                                                                                 _______

Notice:  If you think you may be one or two courses away from completion, check with the office.  You may be able to graduate and receive your degree if all work can be completed and your fees are paid in full.  If you plan to attend June graduation, we will need the information requested below to order your cap and gown.  This is rented by the college for you. If you order a cap and gown and cannot make the graduation, the rental fee is non-refundable.

Cap size                                Height                   Chest size                            Weight ____________

I have enclosed the fee for the rental of the cap and gown.     Yes      No

Your spouses name if he or she is coming with you.                                         ______________


A single certificate, diploma or degree will be issued to the student upon graduation.  Any additional certificates, diplomas or degrees will need to be requested of the college or seminary in writing and will be re-issued at the rate of $35.00 per copy.


All information concerning students is confidential.  Personal information, such as addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and the like provided at the time of registration will only be used for everyday college or seminary business.  Information will only be released upon written request by the student.

Complete academic records are maintained by the Office of the Registrar.  Cumulative grades are issued only upon written request.  Provisions of the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 are observed in the release of information to third parties.

The following information is deemed confidential and can only be released to an outside or third party if requested to be done so by the student.

  1. Details of the academic record
  2. Details of any disciplinary action
  3. Letters of recommendation and other communications of this type.

The following is not considered confidential information:

  1. Dates of College attendance
  2. Whether or not the student graduated from the college or seminary
  3. Certificates, diplomas, or degrees issued and the date of the conferring.
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