Application for Graduation

Notice: You must send this application to the school whether you come to graduation ceremonies or not. For the student to receive his or her diploma or degree, this application must be in the office not later than: April 1st for the June graduation. This is a must! Do not lay this to one side! Failure to comply with the date given above will result in your having to wait until the next graduation date. This is very important. When the student has completed his or her program of study required by Grace to receive a diploma or degree, the student is to submit this application as required to the college or seminary office, requesting that the degree be issued. Normally, all diplomas are issued during the spring graduation. However, students who find that they are unable to attend graduation exercises may receive their diploma or degree by mail. The college and seminary strongly recommend that the student attend graduation exercise in June. Notice: If you think you may be one or two courses away from completion, check with the office. You may be able to graduate and receive your degree if all work can be completed and your fees are paid in full. If you plan to attend graduation, we will need information requested regarding your cap and gown. This is rented by the college for you. If you order a cap and gown and cannot make the graduation, you will still have to pay the rental fee which is non-refundable.
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