Benefits of Distance Education

Benefits of distance education to the student include:

  • Distance education makes education available to those who would otherwise not have the opportunities to go away to campus to study. It provides the individual with the opportunity to attend college while maintaining a home, a family, a career and a church-life in one’s own church.
  • Distance education makes getting a quality education readily available to those that would be unable to afford an otherwise cost prohibited education.
  • Distance education exposes students to a highly qualified team of educators that are available to answer questions and help the student in a time effective manner.
  • Distance education makes getting an education fit into an already full time schedule. This is not to infer that the student will not have to plan his/her time and commit to time to study; but it is a much more user-friendly time oriented way of study.
  • In most instances Distance education is a less expensive way of acquiring an education, because the college need not maintain an expensive campus and the college is able to offer that savings on to its students.
  • Distance education makes enrolling in courses of study flexible and fit into the time schedule of the student, and not the student into the time schedule of the college.

Off-campus Distance Education programs are made up of sound planned and thought out courses of study that are integrated in such a manner as to compliment each other in the educational process thereby expediting the learning process.  Basically the same principle of sound teaching applies to off-campus education as it does to on-campus teaching, without the pitfalls of having to attend classes on the school schedule.  Well-designed course syllabi are used as well as, outlines, textbooks, and in some cases DVD’s and CD’s.  The internet has also made it possible to interact much more freely with the students, teachers and peers as they study, thereby creating the possibility of a virtual classroom.

Distance education is not something new.  It has been around for hundreds of years.  What makes distance education so much more attractive today is the availability of the internet, DVD’s, CD’s and on-line libraries, as well as contact with the school by telephone, and email.  In fact distance education is a strong competitor with the traditional college and university because of its growing popularity.  This popularity started to take ground back in the 1950’s – 60”s.

Welcome to the world of distance education.  The hope of Grace Theological College and Seminary is that this will be a great opportunity and experience in your educational life.  May God richly bless you as you pursue your educational goals.

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