A Theology of Heaven Th – 601

Randy Alcorn explains the theology of the new heaven and the new earth in this mesmerizing study. Sure to enjoy.


    Course Number:  Th –  601

    Course Name:  A Theology of Heaven

    Course Credits:  3




    Preparer:  Rev. Michael Juckes, BA, BD, MA, DRE

    Reverend Juckes is a graduate of Bethany Divinity College and Seminary

    And an ordained minister, acting as Chaplain in the prison system in

    New Brunswick, Canada




    This course is a study of Heaven which exposes the student to concepts and theology of Heaven.  Within this course the student will explore, Heaven, the New Earth and possibilities relating to them.  The student will gain an understanding of what it could possibly be like in God’s Kingdom to come.  The student will be capable, after this study, of relating to others Heaven’s potential for the redeemed.

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