Chaplaincy Pm – 605

A course leading to chaplaincy in prisons, healthcare and other areas where a board understanding of spirituality is needed.


    Course Name: Chaplaincy Course Number: Pm – 605

    Text: The Society of Captives Author: Gresham M. Sykes
    Publisher: Princeton University Press ISBN; 0-691-02814-1

    Text: Ministry with the Military Author: Donald Hadley & Gerald Richards
    Publisher: Baker Book House ISBN: 0-8010-4358-1

    Text: Pastoral Care in Hospitals Author: Neville A. Kirkwood
    Publisher: Morehouse ISBN: 0-8192-2191-0

    Text: Ministering to Prisoners and Their Families Publisher: Fortress Press
    Authors: George C. Kandle & Henry H. Cassler

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