Christian Ed., Its Mandate and Mission Ce – 602

This course helps the graduate to understand exactly what it means to be a Christian educator, as well as what it entails.


Course Name:  Christian Ed. Its Mandate & Mission               Course Number:  Ce –  602

Text:  Christian Ed.  Its Mandate & Mission                                Editor:  Ronald A. Horton

Publisher:  BJU Press                                                                        ISBN:  0-89084-639-1



The student is required to read the entire text, highlighting and underscoring as needed for future reference.  After reading the first chapter the student should begin answering the questions for that chapter that are listed in this study guide, and the student should proceed to read and answer questions for the remaining chapters in like manner.  The student should rewrite the questions on his/her own paper, skip a line and proceed to write the answer.  The answer should be in sentence form, with the question incorporated back into the answer. Left margins should be 1-1/2  inches.  Right margins should be 1 inch.  Normally the answers should be between one and three paragraphs in length.  Essay should be double spaced.  The student is to keep a reading log.

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