Ministerial Practicum MP – 701

Ministerial Practicum is hands on course where the student is instructed to find work in ministry to refine their calling in ministry.  It is a practical and beneficial work experience program that is evaluated by both instructor and mentor.


    In your course of studies with Grace Theological College and Seminary you may be asked to gain some practical experience in ministry, and you will need to read this guide carefully before setting out to gain this experience.  Failure to follow these instructions contained herein could result in your work either receiving a lower grade or being rejected completely.  We would not want this to happen, so please read through this guide carefully before starting this project.

    Before starting your work in ministry, the student is required to submit a proposal to the college and/or seminary describing the work that is to be done.  This description is to include the name of the ministry that the student will be doing work with, the type of work the student will be doing and amount of hours that the student will spend in this ministry.  The minimum number of hours that the student needs to spend will be 130 hours in this work, plus time for the preparation for the final paper that is required.

    The required paper will consist of a minimum of 20,000 words for this course (the paper doesn’t need to be hardbound but needs to be held together  by some sort of binder) and will cover what the student has learned about ministry; what the student has learned about himself/herself; and how the student will be able to use this experience in his/her ministries in the future.

    The student will need to have a statement by the lead minister of this project confirm that the student has done the required work that both the ministry and the college/seminary requires for successful completion of this project.  The lead minister of this ministry is to include this statement with a commenting recommendation of grade that he/ she feels the student should receive for this work.  The statements by the minister should be mailed directly to our Canadian office at:

    Grace Theological College and Seminary

    P.O. Box 175

    Miramichi, New Brunswick

    Canada  E1V 3M3

    Or it may be emailed to:

    The student is also asked to include in his/her paper whether or not he/she felt this course benefited him/her; and the student is free to express how he/she feels that this course could be improved for future students.

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