Pauline Christology Th – 801

How did the Apostle Paul view Christ? Find out in this study of Pauline Christology, this is sure to captivate your interest.


    Course Name:  Pauline Christology                                              Course Number: Th – 801


    Text:  Pauline Christology                                                               Author:  Gordon D. Fee

    Publisher:  Hendrickson Publishers                                        ISBN:  13:978-1-59856-035-0



    It is to be noted that the use of this text does not mean that Grace agrees with it in its entirety.  The student is required to read the entire text, making notes and underlining or highlighting as needed for future reference.  After reading section (not each chapter, but each section) of the material the student is to write from a head, heart, and hand perspective what each has meant to the student.

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