Teaching for Spiritual Growth Ce – 601

This is a Christian education class and is designed to help grow the teacher of Christian principles, as well as the students’ lives the Christian educator will touch in his/her ministry of teaching.


Course Title:  Teaching for Spiritual Growth                         Course Number:  Ce—601
Text:  Teaching for Spiritual Growth                                      Author:  Perry G. Downs
Publisher:  Zondervan Publishing House                                ISBN:  0-310-59370-0

It is to be noted that the use of this text does not mean that Grace agrees with it in its entirety.  The student is required to read the entire text, making notes and underlining or highlighting as needed for future reference.  After reading the material for each chapter, the student should begin answering the questions that are listed in the study guide.  The student should rewrite the questions on his/her own paper, skip a line and proceed to write the answer.  The answer should be in sentence form, with the question incorporated back into the answer.  Left hand margins should be 1 ½ to 2 inches.  Right hand margins may be 1 inch.  A normal question will take between one to three paragraphs to answer.  Essays and reports should be written in double space.

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