Thesis Th – 801

The thesis is a way in which the student is able to articulate what he or she has learned and to communicate that knowledge.  It is challenging and very worthwhile.



    In your course of studies with Grace Theological College and Seminary you may be asked to prepare either an independent research paper or thesis.  If you are to prepare an independent research paper or a thesis, you will need to read this guide carefully before preparing your project.  Failure to follow the instructions contained in this guide could result in your work either receiving a lower grade, or having it sent back to you.  We would not want this to happen, so please read through this guide carefully before starting this project.The difference between a thesis and an independent research paper is as follows:

    The Thesis requires:       1) Two copies—hard bound

    2)  55,000 word minimum in length

    The Independent Research paper requires:

    1)  One copy—not hard bound

    2)  15,000 word minimum

    When you send the two hardbound copies of your thesis or your one copy of your research paper to the school for grading, they will be read for content and clarity.  The school will keep one copy of your thesis and send back your other hardbound thesis copy with the official seal of the school.  It will be graded and you will be able to see your mistakes and why you received the mark you received.  If your paper is independent research  your copy will be returned graded.Although the independent research paper does not need to be hardbound it must be held together in some sort of binder.  If you do not know a bookbindery close to you, you can go to your local printer and they can tell you where you can go to get your thesis copies hardbound.The instructions on the following pages are required to be followed for both the thesis and the independent research paper.  We will use the word thesis, but if you are doing an independent research paper we will also use the word thesis to describe the independent research paper.  This guide does not tell you how to do your research, how to come up with your ideas, or such. It tells you how to lay out your thesis after you have done your research and have all your notes together, and how to present it to the college or seminary.

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