World Religions Re – 633

We live in a diverse and interesting world surrounded by many different faiths and beliefs, and this course introduces the student to other religions.


    Course Name:  World Religions                                               Course Number: Rel-633

    Textbook:  Eerdmans’s Handbook to the World’s Religions

    Author:  William B. Eerdman           Publisher:  William B. Eerdman Publishing Co.



              The student is required to read the entire text, making notes and underlining as needed for future reference.

    Before reading each chapter the student is to read over the study guide for each chapter.  The student is to note that the study guide gives the answers and the student is to develop the question that corresponds with the given answer noting the page number that the answer is found in the text.  The thought behind this is that the student reads the answer in the study guide; reads the answer in the text; and notes the answer along with the corresponding question that the study develops.  This is done to re-enforce the subject studied.  The student is to address the answer along with the question and page number and is to turn in the work for grading.

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