Definition of Terms

Definitions of Terms

ACTIVE STATUS – The term active status refers to the student’s standing with the school and his/her current status with his/her studies; and his/her account and means that the student is current with his/her payments to the school and has continued uninterrupted in pursuing his/her program of study.

ADVANCED DIPLOMA —This is a certificate that is awarded to every student who successfully completes the third year of studies for a total of 90 semester hours and has remained current with tuition payments.

ARTICULATION — An academic agreement of trust between Grace Theological College and Seminary with another institution recognizing the educational achievements of their graduates for the possible transfer of degrees and credits.

ASSOCIATE DEGREE – A two year degree awarded recognizing the successful completion of 60 semester hours of credits.

AUDIT – This category represents attendance in a specialized program where the goal is knowledge and not college credit.

BACHELOR DEGREE – The last undergraduate degree that is awarded for the completion of 120 semester hours of study in one of three majors:  Theology, Biblical Studies, or Ministry.

COLLEGE – This part of the institution represents all undergraduate levels of study.

CORE COURSES –These are the initial courses that are represented for each major (theology, ministry, religious education or philosophy).

CREDIT – The official measurement that certifies a prescribed course of study that has been completed with each credit equaling a semester hour which is equivalent to 15 contact hours.

DEGREE – A degree is awarded for the completion of a specific program of study in and ndergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level with those being:

  1. Undergraduate Associate (60 semester hours)Bachelor (120 semester hours)
  2. Graduate Master (40 up to 90 semester hours)
  3. Postgraduate Doctor (32 to 64 semester hours)

GRADE POINT AVERAGE – The cumulative total of all courses taken at the institution and any other post-secondary program credits transferred on all levels.  Each letter grade has a quality point value which is multiplied by the total credits of the course to provide the quality points for the course.  These are added together and divided by the number of total credits completed for the ending GPA.

GRADUATE – This term has several meanings:  First, it relates to an individual student who has completed a specific academic program; Second, it relates to the next academic level after the undergraduate program.  This level is also known as the Master’s level.

INACTIVE – This term relates to a distance learning student who has exceeded the allowable amount of time for a course of study, and has failed to notify the college of his/her needing additional time to complete the course.

LIFE EXPERIENCE – Credit can be awarded to individuals who have documented experience in ministry in a position of responsibility (does not have to be a paid position), with a church staff, a para-church organization, or other ministry.  The maximum allowable on the undergraduate level is 25% of the total credits needed for his/her degree’s requirements.

MATRICULATION – The submission of credits earned at another recognized institution to the college or seminary to be used as a part of the overall program.  The total number of credits that can be applied is determined based upon the ultimate program goal.

POST-GRADUATE – This represents the highest level of academic study, above the graduate level programs, which is also known as the Doctorate level.

PRACTICUM – A requirement of many of Grace’s programs entails working in the field of study and this is referred to as the student’s practicum.  The student will submit to his/her church or known ministry for service to acquire the required number of hours of practical ministry experience.

SEMINARY – The seminary represents all levels of academic study considered to be either graduate or post-graduate work which follow the college undergraduate level programs.

UNDERGRADUATE – The initial level of post-secondary education is also known in Grace’s context as undergraduate.  This encompasses the students first four years of study.

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