Faculty Greetings

We at Grace offer traditional correspondence and distance learning


Grace Theological College and Seminary is a non-denominational, Baptist in identification conservative and Bible-based college and seminary and is not dependent on any government or denomination for its funding, and as such is free to teach Christ-centered and God-honoring courses of study that do not compromise the infallibility or inerrancy of the Bible as God’s Holy Word.  Grace is a free-standing college and seminary that offers degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministry, Religious Education, Divinity, and Philosophy.  We also offer courses in Bible, Christian Education, Christian Counseling, Literature, and Philosophy.  We provide sound and solid preparation for ministry locally and globally with a look to create a new generation of pastors, teachers, evangelists and other church leaders.

Welcome to Grace Theological College and Seminary.

Grace was formed for the purpose of educating God’s people Providing quality education  to equip God’s people in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with their communities and around globe.  Our courses of study are designed for the purpose of getting God’s people out into the harvest fields as soon as possible with the intent of reaching the world for Jesus Christ.  Grace does not require that the student uproot from the students’ home, family, place of work and/or church in order to receive a quality education.  You can now study off campus and become a seminary graduate through our distance learning or correspondence Bible courses.

The Prerequisites for success for any student who enters the Gospel ministry is to be prepared to give an answer for their hope to all men. (1st Peter 3:15).  With this in mind Grace has prepared well thought out programs of study in the fields Theology, Bible, Christian and Religious Education, Ministry and Christian Counseling.  The graduating student, having studied to show himself/herself approved, rightly dividing the word of truth, will have the knowledge needed to carry out his objective.  Also, God willing, each and every man or woman graduating from Grace, thoroughly prepared, will generally find opportunities in the areas of their proven competence.  You can gain this confidence and competence through Grace’s distance education.

Grace is attentive to the essentials of the gospel ministry and both the college and seminary divisions provide the proper courses of study necessary for the fields of study desired by the student. These courses were designed to accelerate the time spent in the student’s learning process as well as deepen the student’s knowledge of the subject under study.  Our correspondence courses allow the student to enter into study at any time of the year and to grow at one’s own pace.  This requires diligence on the student’s part in order to complete his/her courses in a timely manner.

Grace is a great opportunity for the student in that it is both user-friendly and affordable.  It is user-friendly in that the student can study at home on his/her own schedule and affordable because of the fact that Grace does not need to maintain an expensive campus, and thereby is able to pass that savings on to its students.  Many pastors find that off-campus study is a convenient way to study in that it does not take them away from their ministry, and it advances their knowledge of the Bible while they continue to preach the Word of God in their pastorate.  Some pastors are able to incorporate what they are studying into current sermons, saving them even more time.  Please contact Grace Theological College and Seminary today to gain more information about a program of study that will suit your interests and needs.



President’s Welcome

From:  Rev. Dr. Michael W. Jucke

To:  All Prospective Grace Students


Dear Prospective Student,

Grace and Peace to you and God’s richest blessings.  It is with great honour that I come to you to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and His Holy Word.  This is the objective of Grace Theological College and Seminary; to share the love of God and teach others how to share that good news and love with a hurting world.

We are a Bible-based and Christ-centered school and it is our purpose to provide the highest quality education and to equip our students with the tools and knowledge necessary to share their faith, intelligently, with others in their communities and around the world.

James 1:22 teaches us that we are not only to study the Word of God but we are to put into practice what we have learned.  Grace strives to not only teach the Word of God and how to share this wonderful good news but to live this new life that is ours through Jesus Christ.  We seek to bring into the kingdom as many souls as we can even snatching them from the very flames.

Not that many years ago it was that if you wanted a superior education you had to uproot from where you were living and move to a campus for the years of your study.  Not so today.  Today students can study from their own homes without having to pull up their roots and move sometimes long distances to attend college.  This applies to not just the new student, but also to the mature student that has a family that he or she is responsible for.  Through Grace many people will have the access that they never had before to realize their full Christian potential.  All this depends upon you if you want it.  Do you want it?  Do you want your Bachelor’s degree?  Would you like to earn a Master’s degree or even a Doctoral degree?  You can if you want to.

Our courses are designed to stretch the student to grow in his or her faith and understanding.  These courses are time tested and successful in the ministry of raising up knowledgeable servants of God.  Degrees from Grace prepare our students for more fulfilling lives and broader ministries.

Are you ready? God is ready.  We are ready.  If He has given you the desire to reach the world for His Namesake, we are here to help you to be all that God wants you to be in ministry. The next step is yours.  Join with others by enrolling in a Grace Theological College and Seminary program of study and begin to rejoice on your happy road of destiny and be one who is willing to be a “workman that needeth  not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15).


In Christ’s service

Rev. Dr. Michael Wayne Juckes


Greeting from the Chancellor

Dear Student

Congratulations on enrolling in Grace’s Off-campus program of study.  We hope you find this to be a very rewarding program of study, which will help you reach your educational goals.

Grace has designed courses of study whereby a student can study in his or her own home without having to leave one’s present job or home, and still get the training you have always wanted.  The methods in Grace’s External Degree Program are valid and have proven to be effective in training men and women in Pastoral Ministry, as well as Christian Education, Christian Counselling and Evangelism.

If this is your first correspondence course, you will find it will make you more responsible for your education than you have been in previous resident classes.  You must schedule study periods to achieve the course objectives.  This makes it important that you plan your time and follow your plan.  Don’t delay in getting started.  Your first step is to thoroughly read all the General Instructions section before you start your first course.  Some may not apply to you, but this may save you time and result in better grades.  Should you need extra help, we are just an email away.


Dr. Diane M. Juckes


Email:  graceseminary@hotmail.com


Dr. Donald A. Johnston, Dean of Religious Education Biography

Donald Johnston was born in North Easton, Massacheusetts.  He moved to Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick at the age of 9 years old and did all his public schooling in this town.  He attended the Universite de Monctn graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education. He then went on to complete his Master’s degree in Kinanthropology at the Universite de Sherbrooke.  Don  received his Doctorale Degree in Religious Education from Grace Theological College and Seminary where he now heads up the Religious Education Department.  Don has been teaching for the past eighteen years.  During his first three years of teaching, he taught Mathematics and Religion at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Quincy, Massacheusetts.  For the following four years, he taught English Second Language at Ecole l’Envolee in Shippigan, New Brunswick.  In additiion, he also spent 3 years teaching at Universite de Moncton, campus de Shippigan, where he taught many courses in the field of Kinesiology.  Finally, Don has spent the last 6 years teaching at the NBCC/CCNB in the field of Office Administration, English as a Second Language, French as a Second Language and Continuing Education as well as assistanting in studies in Education with Grace Theological College and Seminary.

Don brings greetings to all new students to Grace Theological College and Seminary.

Mission Statement

Grace Theological College and Seminary was founded for the purpose of providing a quality education in a Christian atmosphere.  The college and seminary endeavor to provide sound learning experiences so the student can obtain the knowledge, skill and understanding required for success in their professional field.  The objectives and purposes of this institution further stated are:

To provide courses of instruction in a Christian atmosphere, through regularly scheduled workshops, and a quality non-resident program using qualified faculty mentors, by which persons of both sexes and diverse backgrounds may be taught in such branches of useful and practical knowledge as shall fit them for professions requiring applied knowledge in ministry, theology, education and other branches of knowledge.

To train Christian workers for Christian service through a Christ-centered program of traditional Judeo-Christian education.

To properly train individuals for specific Christian service, both full and part time.

To offer and  grant degrees which are approved by the Board of Trustees, upon the completion of a program of rigorous, required courses; to facilitate instruction and conduct examinations in theology and other branches of religious education, in order to carry out the purposes of these educational goals.

To provide social, academic, spiritual and psychological guidance and counselling in a Christian perspective.

The mission of Grace Theological College and Seminary is to provide rigorous, high quality academic study for experienced professionals.  It builds upon professional and personal competence and seeks to enhance that competence through scholarly inquiry and constantly improving ministerial and professional practice.

In this time of continuing education with its positive emphasis on continuing development, it is necessary to continue personal and professional growth to serve more effectively in an educated society and global community.  Our commitment is to provide meaningful lifetime learning.

In order to meet those needs Grace Theological College and Seminary seeks to:

  1. Create alternative post-secondary, graduate level opportunities for Christian professionals, evangelists, missionaries, counselors and pastors.
  1. Offer non-resident studies comparable to resident programs through the supervision of qualified tutors, mentors and faculty members.
  1. Enable experienced, mid-career, self-motivated pastors and  other professionals to earn their degrees (undergraduate and graduate) without leaving their present careers, families and churches.
  1. Enhance professional competency by providing relevant, practical, advanced learning opportunities and he application of biblical and theological principles in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
  1. To integrate and build upon the experience available to the adult student who serves in a local pastoral assignment or other profession as a competent, practicing professional.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Grace Theological College and Seminary is rooted in the Bible,, which is the standard that under girds the curriculum of this institution.  Grace believes that the knowledge of the Word of God must be paramount in the education process for Christian workers.  All students are encouraged to study to show themselves approved unto God, in accordance with II Timothy 2:15 to read the Word of God, in accordance with I Timothy 4:13; and to share the Word of God, as demonstrated in Acts 8:26-35.

Grace is cognizant of the high cost of education.  Every effort has been made to keep tuition at a minimum so as to offer a college and seminary education to as many as possible. The traditional classroom approach to teaching is expensive, and the difficulties so many have in affording and attending regular college classes abound.  While Grace offers high quality non-traditional education in order to keep costs to a minimum.  This program was designed for those in the Christian community who find the on-campus approach impractical and not affordable.

Grace recognizes that God is the source of all knowledge.  Therefore, all of Grace’s educational and research programs are Christ centered and reflect Biblical principles and non-humanistic interpretations.  Grace recognizes the Holy Spirit as the ultimate teacher and the Bible as the supreme authority.  A love for God’s Word and a thorough knowledge of it are prerequisites for any effective ministry.

Equal Opportunities

Grace offers equal opportunities to all qualified students who desire to receive training for service to the Church and the community without regard to race, color, handicap, sex, age or national or ethnic origin.

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