Financial Information



Schedule of Costs

Academic Fee                          $50.00                     Matriculation Fee          $50.00

Application Fee                       $50.00                     Graduation Fee             $50.00

Tuition per Semester Credit Hour

Undergraduate Courses of Study                                   $85.00 per semester hour

Transitional Courses of Study                                         $90.00 per semester hour

Masters Level Courses of Study                                    $100.00 per semester hour

Doctorate Level Courses of Study                                 $110.00 per semester hour

Tuition per Program

Undergraduate Programs of 30 Semester Hours                           $2550.00

Transitional Program of 32 Semester Hours                                   $2880.00

Transitional Program of 90 Semester Hours                                   $8100.00

Master’s Level Program of 40 Semester Hours                               $4000.00

Master’s Level Program of 32 Semester Hours                               $3200.00

Doctorate Level Programs of 32 Semester Hours                          $3520.00

Doctorate Level Programs of 40 Semester Hours                          $4400.00

Doctorate Level Programs of 64 Semester Hours                          $7040.00


Tuition and fees are due at the time of enrolment.  However, in an effort to aid the student, we have provided Tuition Assistant Plans II, III, and IV.


_____PLAN I       Payment in full (student receives a 5% discount).


______PLAN II      Down payment of $200.00 and the balance due in 3 monthly payments.  (Student receives a 2.5% discount).


_____PLAN III      Down payment of $200.00 and the balance in 10 monthly payments.


_____PLAN IV      Down payment of $200.00 and the balance in 24 monthly payments.  A 7.5% handling fee applies.


Notice to all students.  If you elect to take advantage of any of the monthly payment

plans even if you complete all of the required work, you will not be allowed to receive

your diploma/degree or move on to the next program until the account is paid in full.


The $50.00 Application Fee is non-refundable.  If the student has received course

materials the $50.00 Matriculation Fee is also non-refundable.  If the student elects to

withdraw they will be charged a $50.00 withdrawal fee.

The signing of the application is considered signing a contract with Grace.  Fifteen days

after receiving the study guide materials the student is liable for the entire amount of

the program in which he or she enrolls.

I understand that my final signature in the Final Approval section of the application will

constitute a contract with the school concerning my liability.


By checking the  Terms and conditions checkbox you have signed and approved this document.

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