Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Who is Grace affiliated with?

Answer:  Grace is not and will never be affiliated with any particular denominational body, but is a free and independent school. Grace does not accept grants or funding from any governmental agency, and is committed to its freedom to preach the uncompromising truth of God.

  • Question: Is Grace Theological College and Seminary accredited?

Answer:  Incorporated by the laws of the State of California Grace is recognized as a degree granting institution by the Bureau of Private Post-secondary Education and is also recognized as a non-profit religious institution by the Department of Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) 3 corporation.  Grace is has full membership with the American Association of Higher Education and Accreditation.

Grace is also working with the ABHE accrediting association for affiliate membership.  To be noted:  The intent of this Association is to accredit its schools and non-member schools, which may associate with member schools through affiliate status.  Association with this accrediting association is not to be confused with accredited status.

  • Question: What makes Grace Theological College and Seminary unique?

Answer:  Grace is unique in that it offers Bible based education from the minister’s perspective.  It is taught by ordained men and women with the needs of those that seek to minister God’s Word to others in mind; and is oriented to the student’s needs to know God’s Word in order to accomplish this goal.

  • Question: What is a theological college as compared with a bible college?

Answer:  There is no real difference, however, we are distinguished as a theological college and seminary to set us apart from other colleges and seminaries. We are trademarked as a ‘Grace Theological College and Seminary’ to make a distinction between us as a Christian college and seminary as opposed to other religious institutions.

  • Question: Whose doctrine does Grace promote?

Answer:  Grace Theological College and Seminary does not promote any one church’s particular stand, but instead holds to the rudiments of historical Christianity.  We of Grace teach the doctrines that come straight from the Bible.  Ministers, evangelists and teachers of the Bible will be at ease with the curriculum of Grace’s and with the goals of Grace to raise up competent teachers, pastors, evangelists and missionaries to proclaim the gospel of God’s love for the church and the world.

  • Question: Why should I enroll with Grace?

Answer:  Grace’s teaching techniques have been time tested and are effective in their raising up competent and scholarly students from the comfort of their own homes.  We are respected as a college and seminary of higher learning and have committed ourselves to providing quality education at affordable tuition.  Grace utilizes textbooks, CD’s, DVD’s and research assignments to promote deductive learning and we are dedicated in giving the student the tools necessary to succeed.

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