General Information

General Information

This catalog contains general information regarding the Grace Theological College and Seminary calendar, administration, admissions and graduation requirements, fees, other regulations, degree programs, and course offerings.  GTC&S reserves the right to change each of these.  The effective dates for all changes are at the discretion of the institution and may apply to all those who are matriculated at GTC&S at that time.  The provisions of this resource are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between you and Grace Theological College and Seminary.

Student Responsibility

You are responsible for knowing and meeting all degree and graduation requirements specifications in the catalog.

Attendance at GTC&S is a privilege and not a right.  You forfeit this privilege if you do not participate as a student within the standards and ideals of the institution.  GTC&S has the right to insist upon your withdrawal if and when you do not conform to the rigorous academic standards of the institution.

Governance and Control

Grace Theological College and Seminary is a non-profit institution chartered by the State of California, founded under the auspices of the International Christian Church of America.

The college and seminary is governed by an independent Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees consists of Christian representatives from ministry, education, and business and the general public who serve without compensation.  They are guided by the same sound, biblical principles upon which the Christian church was founded and uphold the Judeo-Christian tradition of post-secondary education in the United States

Academic Calendar

Because we are an on-line and correspondence college and seminary at this time in our history we do not adhere to a strict academic calendar.  We conduct our graduations at the end of June each year at a time and place specified two months prior to the proceedings.  The student that is preparing for graduation, will be encouraged to fill out the graduation form, and pay the required fees for graduation, gown rentals and graduation fee proceedings fees.  These fees are listed later in the catalog.


Grace also conducts two seminars each year one of which is mandatory to attend.  The location and time of each of these seminars is to be announced two months prior to the meeting.  These seminars are geared to both the graduate as well as the undergraduate and are a weekend long course of study as well as the work that the student is to prepare to be submitted for grading.  The fees associated with the seminar courses will be explained later in the catalog.  Students are requested to enroll in these seminars well in advance of the seminar to allow the instructor time to prepare materials for everyone in the class.  For the most current information regarding seminars either call or email the college.

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