Grace Pacific University and Grace Theological College and Seminary are aware of the high cost of the traditional classroom methodology of teaching, and the financial difficulties many students encounter in standard university and college classes. This is one of the main reasons we provide a quality online education approach, designed for those in the Christian community who find on-campus studies outside of their scope of availability. with our course program students can remain in their home locations without have to leave their families, churches or employment to complete their studies.

race Pacific University and Grace Theological College and Seminary developed a high quality, self-motivating and self-disciplining curriculum for online studies. The courses consist of conservative Bible teaching through research assignments, textbooks to develop your knowledge and understanding.

In order to assist with making cost reasonable students are encouraged to present their lesson materials to the grading office on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, written only on one side. In most cases typewritten work is required at the undergraduate level and graduate level. In all cases, work must be neat and legible.

A syllabus will be received at the time of enrollment. The courses listed will include the content required to complete assignments. The student should keep this copy and reference it often, as it will have an effect on the student’s grade. An evaluation of the course form is a new edition to the courses to allow each student to provide feedback for the betterment of course material and instruction.

The student is required to pay the postage on all lessons sent to the school for grading in order to keep the cost of tuition down. Therefore, for students studying inside the United States they will need to provide a self-addressed, pre-stamped, return envelope. For Canadian students not in the area of the main Canadian faculty location will also be required to send their completed lessons to the Canadian office. In such cases, return envelopes will carry Canadian postage. Non-sufficient postage will be charged to the student’s account and must be reimbursed.

All lessons should be mailed to the grading office as soon as they are completed. In the case where it is more feasible for a student lessons to submit via the Internet, the student may email them as an attachment to their instructor and it will be returned by Internet after grading of the lessons.

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