Undergraduate Course Description

Bi – 101  Biblical Backgrounds  3 SH Credit

Introduces the student to the Bible ideas that helped form the Old and New Testaments, etc.

Bi – 102 Beginning Manners and Customs   3SH Credit

Insight is the key here.  The student gains insight into the customs and traditions behind the writing of the Old Testament Bible.

Bi – 103 Beginning Manners and Customs II   3 SH Credit

This is the continuation of the study of the traditions, manners and customs surrounding the writing of the Old Testament Bible.

Bi – 210  Doctrines I  3 SH Credit

This is a study in the doctrines and beliefs as expressed in Scripture, etc.

Bi – 202  Doctrines II  3 SH Credit

This is the continuation of the study of the beliefs and doctrines as expressed in Scripture.

Bi – 203  Old Testament  Survey  3 SH Credit

The focus of this course is the first 17 books of the Old Testament and it provides the student with insights into these books as it prepares the student for more advanced studies in the Pentateuch.

Bi – 204  New Testament Survey  3 SH Credit

This is a brief study of the books of the New Testament, its authors, and their messages. The student in completing this study will be prepared for the study of the Gospels of Christ.

Bi – 205  Acts and Pauline Epistles  3 SH Credit

The book of Acts is the main thrust of this study along with the letters of Paul to the churches.  Focus is on the main ideas of Paul’s in these books.

Bi – 207  Study in James  3 SH Credit

The book of James is shifted for its truth and its uniqueness in Scripture.

Bi – 301  Words and Works of Christ  3 SH Credit

Instructions and accomplishments of Christ from His Introduction to Resurrection is the focus of this course.

Bi – 302  How to Read the Bible  3 SH Credit

Instructions and useful insights in the study of Scripture are the focuses of this course.

Cc – 101  The Reality of Depression  3 SH Credit

This is the study of depression and its treatment from the Christian perspective.

Cc – 102  The Language of Love  3 SH Credit

The focus here is the way we express and understand love and how others exhibit and comprehend love.

Cc – 103  Unhappy Teenagers  3 SH Credit

Whether we have teenagers of our own or grandchildren or children in our churches understanding them is the key to helping them and this study’s aim is just that.

Cc – 201 Christian Counseling  3 SH Credit

This study provides the graduate with new ways of helping others to trust Christ and allowing Christ to bear their burdens.

Cc – 202 Basic Principles  of Counseling   3 SH Credit

A continuation of the study of how to serve others in the healing process of emotional and spiritual hurt.

Cc – 203  Counseling II  3 SH Credit

How can I help my neighbor?  This is the great question of every Christian and this course helps answer that question and questions like it.

Cc – 301  Choice Theory  3 SH Credit

Glasser helps us to understand our parts in our emotional and spiritual health and happiness.

Cc – 302  Counseling the Depressed and Terminally Ill   3 SH Credit

Insights into the helping of those that dying and those that are severely disheartened and depressed.

Cc – 401  Competent to Counsel  3 SH Credit

The idea here is not only to do no harm but to help the client to overcome and to gain relief from his/her emotional hurts.

Cc – 402  Counseling for Substance Abuse and Addiction   3 SH Credit

The idea here is to help the addict and or alcoholic to identify his/her addiction and or alcoholism and gains insights into how to overcome these obstacles. 

CL – 101  Christian Literature: Mistaken Identity by McDowell  3 SH Credit

Here the student is introduced to the wonderful world of Christian literature and the author Josh McDowell.

DR – 101  A Christian Manifesto 3 SH Credit

An introduction to Francis Schafer and his perspectives.  The student should enjoy this work.

DR – 201  A Woman’s High Calling  3 SH Credit

A supportive work for the woman that has felt the calling to Christian service.  An interesting work indeed.

DR – 301  A Heart Like His  3 SH Credit

Who wouldn’t benefit from having a heart like the Saviour’s.  Here we are introduced to just such an idea.

IR – 101 –401 – Independent Research  3 SH Credit

Here the student is to take a topic and or idea and develop it to its fullest.

MP – 101 -401  Ministerial Practicum  3 SH Credit

This is a work experience program where the student has an opportunity to get his/her hands dirty in the word of the church and  report that work back to the school to gain a true feel for what it means to serve God in the field.

Pm – 101  Beginning Hermeneutics  3 SH Credit

A beginning course in the interpretation of Scripture.  This is a course you will want to take.

Pm – 201  Pastoral Ministry for Victims of Sexual Abuse   3 SH Credit

This course investigates the damage and healing as well as the counseling of those that are victimized with sexual abuse.

Pm – 301  Advanced Hermeneutics  3 SH Credit

Having insight into the interpretation of the Bible is a must for the mature student of the Scriptures.  This course is designed to provide just that.

Pm – 401  Homiletics  3 SH Credit

Knowing the Bible is important; and equally so is the ability to communicate that knowledge.  This course will help in the graduate being preach with confidence.

Re – 101  Basic Christianity  3 SH Credit

This is a prerequisite for any Christian, both the old and the new.  Without knowledge of the basics, it is difficult to give a reason for our hope and this course provides that knowledge.

Re – 102  Exploring Romans  3 SH Credit

The focus of this work is on the book of Romans that some have come to call the gospel of Paul.  You’ll enjoy this course.

RH – 401  Ancient Middle East History   3 SH Credit

The history of the Bible is brought to life in this study of ancient middle east history.

Th – 101  The Mind of Christ  3 SH Credit

The ‘Mind of Christ’ provides the successful student with knowledge as to the economy and blessing that Christ knew and brought with Him to His Own.

Th – 102  Cashless Society and Anti-Christ   3 SH Credit

A look at what the Anti-Christ has in store and what to expect in the not to distant future.

Th – 301  Angels and the Spiritworld  3 SH Credit

This much overlooked subject is brought to light in this study of the importance of the Spiritworld and the work of angels.

Th – 401  Forgotten God  3 SH Credit

God’s call is reiterated in this course speaking to his church that He is interested in His Own and that He wants to share relationship with them.

Th – 402  Iran and the Coming Crisis  3 SH Credit

This is a look at prophecy and current events and what is shaping-up in the middle east and the world today.

Th – 403  General Theology  3 SH Credit

A beginners look at the theology of the Bible that has been handed down to the church through the centuries.

Th – 404  General Theology II  3 SH Credit

A continuing look at the theology of the Bible that has been handed down to the church through the centuries.

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